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Photo taken of Galaxy NGC 3034 with the 0.9m telescope
Photo taken of Galaxy NGC 3034 with the 0.9m telescope

Astronomy is one of the oldest and yet most active sciences. This means that human beings possess the fundamental desire to seek our origin and the reason for our existence through understanding of the universe. Since the establishment in the 20th century of the big-bang theory of universe creation, astronomers have been striving to describe the dynamics of evolution of the universe from the material production, the generation of stars and planets, the creation of life forms, up to the birth of human beings. The 21st century will be the era in which we search for planets and life forms and possible first contact with intelligence either outside or inside the solar system. Kingsland Observatory (KO) is putting its best effort toward playing a key role in establishing a new paradigm for understanding the universe, the Earth, and life as a whole. For this purpose, we conduct observation of various objects from the Earth to the universe itself, consider theoretically the fundamental laws behind the observed phenomena, as well as develop the technology to support these activities.