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Telescopes and Instrumentation


The main telescopes in Kingsland is a 0.9-meter reflector, a Wynne Newtonian optical system specifically for surveys. Although it operates at f/4, it also can be used at f/16. The 0.4m telescope is a catadioptric system specifically for photometric/spectrographic observations. It operates at both f/5 and f/10. There are currently other telescopes and instrumentation in development. Researchers at Kingsland Observatory have ample access to 0.4-meter, 0.9-meter facility telescopes, and in development are 0.6m telescope for general studies, 1.3-metre telescope for TNO/asteroid occultation research and a 0.8m telescope for polarization studies. Wide field visible light and infrared cameras, low to medium resolution spectrometers provide an array of instrumentation possibilities. We use high quantum efficient cameras in order to reduce exposures and to obtain faint limiting magnitudes. KO in partnership with Space Exploration Ltd designs and builds equipment for the telescopes, including optics, instruments, detectors, and software systems.


Wynne Newtonian 0.9m Telescope